Monday, 24 April 2017

Workwear on a Budget

I recently started a new job where the dress code is smart casual office wear. For those of you who know me, you will know I'm more of a trainers and ripped jeans kind of girl so this did pose a slight issue because my wardrobe was sparse of work appropriate clothing.

I had only 4 days notice before I started my new position and I was yet to be paid so I didn't want to be spending  a fortune on a whole new work wardrobe so early on. 

On the weekend before I was due to start my new position I headed to a local town where I made use of the local New Look, Primark and various charity stores to pad out the work appropriate part of my wardrobe on a budget. 

Below I have included a few of my outfits I wore for my first week at the job just to show you how looking cute at work doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg.

Outfit 1:

  • This shirt was originally from Zara. I picked this up for £3 in my local Sense charity store and after a quick wash and an iron it was looking as good as new.
  • The plain black tube skirt was a find at my local Marie Curie store for £2. It was originally from H&M.
  • My black tights were from a  multi-pack at Primark for £2.50 for 3 pairs.
  • The black shoes I am wearing were just £4 from New Look. I am blessed with size 3/4 feet meaning I can get away with children's sizes. I found these in the New Look children's sale for £9 reduced from £20. When I went to pay they scanned through at the register for just £4!
  • To accessorise this outfit I wore a gold Michael Kors watch, Pandora rings and a gold Vivienne Westwood signature chunky gold orb necklace.

Outfit 2:

  • The blazer I am wearing here I have had for a couple of years but not really worn. Up until now it had served as my sole smart jacket for interviews, but it will now have its time to shine. I paid £3.30 for it in a H&M sale back when I was at university.
  • The semi sheer white shirt was picked up at my local Debra charity shop for £1.99. I paired it with a plain white camisole underneath that I picked up from Primark for £1.50 to make it more work appropriate.
  • I found this skirt brand new with tags from Zara originally in a local charity store about 6 months ago for £4, it's perfect for bringing a bit of life to what would be an otherwise boring ensemble.
  • Tights and shoes as above.
  • To accessorise this outfit I wore a gold, silver and rose gold Michael Kors necklace and Pandora rings.

Outfit 3:

  • This skirt is my absolute favourite, simply because of how snazzy and bright it is. I found this for £3 in my local Marie Curie store, it was originally from H&M.
  • Plain black long sleeve t shirt £4 from New Look.
  • Tights and shoes as above.
  • Accessorised with a gold Michael Kors watch and a gold and blue Michael Kors gemstone necklace. 

Grand Total: £29.29

I was super happy with my finds. I picked up a few more shirts and skirts that I am yet to wear, but all for equally low prices. Most of the items are black and white so will easily mix and match which is great, and the money I used to purchase the items I bought from charity stores will go to help those in need.

I have included some links to information below about the various charities I mentioned above. Perhaps you will find you have some of the stores local to yourself where you too can find some great pieces to update your wardrobe - whatever the occasion! 

- Holly xx

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