Thursday, 16 March 2017

Star Buy of the Week

Last week I was browsing Depop and I absolutely fell in love with the sassiest rhinestone choker- I knew I had to have it. I came across it on a Depop store called @badandboujiuk who I discovered stock some insanely beautiful and unique accessories. 

I opted for a 5 row rhinestone silver choker, which was super affordable at only £6 including postage and packaging. My item took less than a week to arrive which was great because I had the perfect outfit planned to wear it with when I made a trip to London this week.

I paired the choker with a rock inspired t shirt from New Look which I bought 3 sizes too big and wore as a dress (only £6 in the sale!), with black tights, black Nike theas and a green Brixton Mfg jacket.

The choker itself is adjustable so if you were looking to purchase one yourself but were unsure on sizing, it shouldn't be an issue. This item can be worn dressed up or, in my case, down. I have a few more outfits in mind I can't wait to pair it with. It is definitely a bold, statement piece but it's very versatile with how you could style it. 

Kim K, Gigi Hadid and Rihanna have been spotted recently sporting similar styles, so rhinestone chokers are definitely an easy and affordable way to bring something from this season into your wardrobe.

As you may all know, Depop is one of my favourite apps, so I would definitely recommend checking it out for those of you who haven't yet. It's an easy to use, mobile shopping app where you can buy and sell - I describe it to friends as eBay meets Instagram. Below I have included a few more of my favourite items from the @badandboujiuk shop, so if you fall in love with them like I did, I would definitely recommend you check them out soon because their stock is very popular!

-Holly xx

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