Friday, 10 February 2017

Stuck for Valentines Gift Ideas?

...then I've got just the thing to help!

Loved ones can be particularly difficult to buy for on all number of occasions, year round, but I recently discovered the perfect thing to help!

Faver is a social media shopping website that makes gift choosing a breeze. The website itself functions similarly to that of Pinterest, but when you click on the images of the items you're interested in purchasing, it takes you to the direct website to make your purchase!

You set yourself up a profile quickly and easily - I used my Facebook profile to log in. From there you choose a selection of items you find of interest, and from there the website regularly refreshes your feed to keep bringing you items it knows you'll love based on your previous history!

The four main areas of Faver include Faves, Suggestions, Friends Feed and Lists. The Faves section has already made my life that much easier. The only thing I can fault so far is that the more I explore the app and fave items I love, the more amazing suggestions it shows me, which makes me fave more and the cycle continues....

The website itself is easy to use, clear cut and simple. I prefer this because I personally find nothing worse than a busy, cluttered and over filled web page that distracts me when I'm looking for certain things or when I'm in a hurry.

When you connect with your friends on Faver you can see their suggested faves too, which is perfect if you have similar interests as them, but even more ideal when you want to have a little snoop for ideas of what they may want for their next birthday...

The website has already come in handy for Valentines Day next week and my eldest brothers birthday the week after!

So hit me up if you want to link on Faver guys!

-Holly xx

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