Monday, 19 September 2016

How to Remove Scuffs from Patent Shoes

Last week I was getting ready for a night out and I knew I had the perfect heels to complete my outfit. I hadn't worn them in a couple of years, so by the time I dug them out from the back of my wardrobe I was dismayed to find them covered in scuffs and looking worse for wear.

Whilst considering if I had another pair of shoes to complete my outfit instead, I remembered a trick I had discovered a few years ago to get rid of marks on another pair of patent shoes I had owned.

Remove scuffs with nail varnish remover.

It's as simple as that! Soak a cotton pad in nail varnish remover and rub it gently over the scuff until it disappears!

I know this was a really short post but I just wanted to share this tip with you and help you spruce up any of your own scuffed up patent shoes! Best of luck!

-Holly xx 

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