Thursday, 22 September 2016

London Cocktails - Outfit of the Night 10/09/2016

A couple of weeks back I headed to London for dinner and cocktails, and when I posted photographs of my outfit on social media I was met with lots of compliments and people asking where I got various items of my outfit from.

The exact items I was wearing were things I have owned for a while so will no longer be available to buy anywhere, so I had a look around and have included some links below to help replicate my look from items currently in stores!

My dress and shoes were both Topshop and my necklace was from Accessorize. I managed to find some pretty close dupes of each of my items in high street stores: 

I hope this helped!

-Holly xx

Monday, 19 September 2016

How to Remove Scuffs from Patent Shoes

Last week I was getting ready for a night out and I knew I had the perfect heels to complete my outfit. I hadn't worn them in a couple of years, so by the time I dug them out from the back of my wardrobe I was dismayed to find them covered in scuffs and looking worse for wear.

Whilst considering if I had another pair of shoes to complete my outfit instead, I remembered a trick I had discovered a few years ago to get rid of marks on another pair of patent shoes I had owned.

Remove scuffs with nail varnish remover.

It's as simple as that! Soak a cotton pad in nail varnish remover and rub it gently over the scuff until it disappears!

I know this was a really short post but I just wanted to share this tip with you and help you spruce up any of your own scuffed up patent shoes! Best of luck!

-Holly xx