Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sense Store Finds

Not that I ever need an excuse to go into charity stores, but I am severely lacking in summer clothes and I am off to Amsterdam next week so whilst I was waiting for a train last week, I popped into one of my local charity stores.

It was a Sense store which means the proceeds go to helping deafblind children and adults. As I'm sure you already know, I have a bit of a shopping addiction, especially in charity stores, so I always feel better knowing my money is going to help those in need.

I bought four items during my time there, all coming to a total of£12, and two of the items were brand new with their original store tags!

The first item I picked up was a long sleeve white cotton Ralph Lauren T shirt. It was in mint condition and was priced at £4. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it, and even though it's long sleeved which isn't ideal for the upcoming summer months, it is quite thin so I can just resign it to over cast days or chilly evenings. These T shirts usually retail at £50 in store so I was super happy with this purchase.

The next item I picked up was a simple black cotton camisole top with satin ribbon straps. The item caught my eye because of the beautiful clam lace detailing around the bust. I used to have a similar one which I wore all the time. Unfortunately due to it being one of my favourite tops, it meant that it got quite worn out and eventually I ripped a hole in it. The brand is Damart which I'm not really certain on but I think it's a catalogue for older women to order clothes from. When I got the top home and eventually managed to try it on I found that the fit was more of that of a modesty top for under low cut shirts, which meant it came a little higher up my chest. However, being a little heavier on top than the average girl my size, this cut suits me fine because it gives me that little extra coverage that most other vest tops lack. I think the reason I fell in love with this simple top so much is because of the clam lace was giving me some serious mermaid vibes ..... It cost me only £2 as well, so I was very pleased, and it was stated that the item was brand new.

The third item I picked up was a thick jersey stretch skirt by Zara, which was brand new with its original store tags. I was pleased to find this item because one of my housemates has one just like it and I had always been envious. This item is so versatile, it looks great with a plain t shirt or vest top and white converse for a more summery look, but it also suits a jumper and tights which will be perfect in the winter. This item will definitely be coming with me to Amsterdam. Best of all, it only cost £3, despite it being £10 brand new in stores, and it being a current season item in Zara right now!

The final item I picked up was an acid wash, distressed ripped pair of high waisted jeans. They are only originally from Primark, but still retail at approximately £15, and I got them for £3. I usually live in black jeans, and despite it being the summer I know I will still lean towards wearing jeans on days when I just want to keep it casual and lazy. The fact that these are so light in colour and have rips in make them more acceptable to be worn in the sunshine (in my opinion...) so I thought they would be a great addition to my wardrobe and grabbed them!

Overall I was very happy with my purchases, and I hope that my charity shop posts help those of you who are tempted by the idea of shopping in thrift stores, but are unsure if you're comfortable with the idea of looking through racks of second hand clothes.

For those of you who know me well you will know I am very anti germ and dirt, and I'm overly clean and tidy. This should fill you with a bit of confidence, because you should know if charity stores were unclean, or untidy, I would be the last person you'd find in there. Sometimes I know smaller independent charity shops can be a little unclean or unpleasant, but there are certain standards for large charities to hold their stores to now, so when you go inside they're like any other shop. All the clothes are cleaned, and hung by size, style and gender so it's really easy to find what you're after if you have something specific in mind. There aren't just racks of messy and dirty clothes to root through, it's all sorted before the best bits are put out for sale in the shop, and any damaged donations get recycled at big textile plants to maximise the usage of donated items. Nothing goes to waste, which I think is a lovely thing to think about. The best thing is, if you're a vintage lover, charity stores are always the best places to go to find cheap, and unique vintage pieces from house clearances and people cleaning out their old relatives attics! Even better, they're usually very cheaply priced because the charities think because they're clearly old or unbranded, people will feel less inclined to buy them! So charity stores are great for bargains.

My favourite part of a charity store trip is when I find brand new items that I missed in shops but had wished I had gotten! It happens more often than you'd think, because at the end of seasons, the leftover items that don't get sold in the stores sale often get boxed up and given to charities to sell in their shops and written off as a companies charity donation for that year. It's a win win for everyone involved!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post, as always I would love to hear your guys thoughts. Feel free to get in touch with the contact details at the top of the page.

-Holly xx

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