Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Grounded Face and Body Coffee Scrub

I recently discovered a new face and body scrub by a UK company called Grounded that I have absolutely fallen in love with!

It's made from crushed up coffee beans, and its absolutely fantastic at exfoliating your skin to perfection, leaving your face feeling smooth, soft and amazingly fresh.

The product is packed full of vitamins and minerals to help promote healthy skin, and the scrub itself boots circulation, leaving your skin with a healthy glow!

I tried the chocolate orange scented scrub, but they come in a variety of other scents such as sweet orange, tea tree & lemon, coconut and lime, coconut, and grapefruit (which is the one that is calling to me next!....)

The company currently have a quick and easy quiz on the website at the moment to tell you exactly which of their products is best suited for your skin, so if you're unsure or simply interested to find out, head over to their website and have a look!

Their products are available directly on their website, or alternatively, are stocked online and in some Boots stores.

The company also stock other wonderful products such as nourishing hair masks, and beautifully scented lip balms, all of which are perfect for keeping you looking and smelling your best this summer!

Prices range from £3 to £15, so are very affordable, and well worth the money!

I have tried many different skin care products over the years and was over joyed to find Grounded face scrubs. The quality of the products are unrivaled and are made from natural ingredients, none of which are tested on animals!

So if you're feeling like a change or are just always on the look out for great quality skincare products, Grounded is definitely the next place you should look!

Let me know what you think!

-Holly xx 

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