Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Best Nasal Decongestant Spray

If, like me, you suffer from bad allergies at this time of year such as the much dreaded hay fever, you'll know how difficult it is to sort through the wide variety of remedies that stores have on offer. Up until three years ago I never suffered from hay fever myself, but I have always been a bit of a sickly person. This meant that over the years I have tried a million and one products to fight a blocked nose.

Every cough, cold and bug that goes around - I catch it! So over the years I have tried and tested almost every syrup, lozenge, pastille, pill, tablet, throat, and nose spray there is available.
Having a blocked nose is something I cannot stand, so when nose sprays became widely available I was over the moon! However, I've found some can be really damaging, painful to use and cause nasty side effects.

I suffer from nose bleeds which are often triggered by using nasal sprays, but as I could not stand to have a blocked nose I had finally settled on using Sudofed Blocked Nose Spray (£3.99), as I found this to be the least harsh product for my nose.

But then I discovered Otrivine Sinusitis Spray (£4.19)! It is by far the best spray I've ever used and best of all it doesn't hurt, irritate my nose or cause nose bleeds! I've found it to last up to 10 hours without need to re spray, so this has been so convenient for long days at uni, work or nights out!

When my hay fever really started to affect me recently, I had continued using the product but when I went to buy more, I found they had released a version called Allergy Relief (4.19) especially for conditions such as hay fever! I bought some to try out and found it works just as well!

Whenever I get the chance I stock up on Otrivine sprays as they've proven to be pretty popular. I know that a friend of mine had her doctor recommend the sinusitis one, and from my personal experience, they can be difficult to get a hold of. When I started to get near the bottom of my last bottle I began looking in stores for more, but in the space of 6 weeks I checked every supermarket and pharmacy near where I live at uni and near my family home, and I could not get any! It was only until this week when I popped into a petrol station to get money out on my way home one day, when I spotted them on the shelf! This was when I made my Allergy Relief discovery, and there was an offer of buy 2 for £6 instead of the usual cost of £4.50 each.

I know this post isn't like my usual but I was so impressed with this product that I just had to share my discovery!

Things have been a bit quiet on the blog front I know, but I have been so snowed under with my final year deadlines! I've handed in my dissertation now and have a few more bits to finish, but in three weeks I should have completed my journalism degree!

Part of me is very excited but the other part is dreading it a little bit! I've been trying to keep my Instagram up to date with products and outfits that you guys may find interesting, but I will get back to full time posting as soon as my degree is done!

-Holly xx

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