Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Mum's Birthday Meal Outfit

Just a super quick post to get things back on track.

Firstly... I've finished uni! I've already started job hunting and I'm looking to move into something fashion related. Fashion journalism of course would be the obvious place to start, but I'm keeping my options and ideas open to see what appeals to me!

My graduation is at the end of July, and I am going away to Amsterdam for a long weekend at the end of June for a friends birthday, so I have got a few things to look forward to in the near(ish!) future but for now I am just relieved that I don't have any looming deadlines hanging over me!

I'm quite eager to get home and start looking for jobs, so much so that I am moving out this weekend despite having a month left on my tenancy agreement at uni, but to be honest I am just really excited so get going and get myself on the career ladder.

Now that I have got more free time, my other main intention is to keep my blog filled with interesting, inspiring and insightful posts for you all to read and enjoy. I know I've been a bit slack on the regularity lately, but that is all set to change! As a coping mechanism for my stressful work load, I have been indulging myself in a little bit of retail therapy, albeit a bit too frequently recently. The upside of this is, I have some super cute and new clothes, shoes and accessories that I am very excited to style into fab outfits and show off to you guys!

As always, a large amount of them have been purchased on.... you guessed it, Depop! I have too much love for the app! It's just so easy to use, and now whenever I have a spare moment and social media is a bit bland, its the first place I go to waste some time! And despite being at the broke end of my final term, there seems to always be a beautiful pair of trainers or snazzy jacket calling to me...

Last weekend was my mums 60th birthday, where my siblings and I organised a surprised birthday meal out for her! We invited her closest family and friends, some of which came from all corners of the globe to be there to surprise her, and to our delight, she absolutely loved it! She was so shocked that she burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant and took a good ten minutes to pull herself together, but she was overjoyed with the effort everyone had gone to to be there and I was so happy she enjoyed it.

As I have been pretty snowed under with uni work recently, I have been living in black jeans and white tees, or my beloved Uniqlo joggers! So when we decided we were going to book a nice restaurant for a meal out, I was excited to be able to put together a nice outfit out of some of my recently acquired wardrobe additions.

After much debate between a few new dresses, I finally settled on a black white silver grey horizontal stripe body con jersey stretch midi dress from Next. I had originally seen this dress in Next whilst out shopping with some friends a few months back, but at the time I was broke! The dress also came in a green and copper stripe version, which was definitely the colour I preferred but by the time I got paid and went back to the store, they had all sold out! I even had one of the store assistants help me search through the Next catalogue and online store but could not find them anywhere! One of the girls I was shopping with had purchased the black and white version full price in store on the day we were out together, and £24 wasn't a bad price for it at all!

That night when I returned home from my unsuccessful return to Next for the dress, I tried my luck and simply searched Next midi stripe in the dress section on Depop and the dress came up! My luck continued because it was a size 10 and the seller only wanted £8 including postage so I purchased it immediately!

I paired the dress with my favourite pair of Topshop Rodeo block sandal heels and my Zara turquoise bison skull necklace for a pop of colour, and I was super happy with my outfit! The only issue I found was that I really could have done with a size 8 in the dress, but the 10 did fit me okay.

For my hair I kept it super simple and literally just let it dry when I got out of the shower and it fell  smooth and straight! I ran a brush through it and that was it! For make up, I used all of my usual products with the addition of Baked Cowboy, High and Dirtysweet Urban Decay shadows on my eyes from the Shadow Box and Naked Smokey Pallets, and  my Dose of Colors red matte liquid lipstick in shade Scarlet Lace on my lips.

All in all I had a lovely evening, I received lots of compliments on my outfit and make up, but most importantly my mum was over the moon with her birthday celebration. I had gotten her the Naked 3 Pallet as one of her gifts from me and she was super pleased with it and tried it out that night for the meal which was lovely to see.

I am already super excited for my next excuse to go out and get dressed up because I have a few more adorable outfits just dying to be shown off!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me with my details at the top of the page, of the comments box below! I always love to hear what you guys have to say!

Until next time,

Holly xx 

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