Monday, 4 April 2016

Peel Off Lip Tint

I recently came across a video on Facebook of a lady trying out a peel off lip tint and thought I would give it a go, as the results seemed impressive and it looked like fun!

How wrong I was. 

I headed to eBay in the knowledge there's almost nothing you can't buy on there, and found a seller selling (brand new) sets of peel off lip tints in a varying range of colours. I ordered one set from one buyer and another set with slightly different colours from another buyer. 

I also stumbled across a peel off eyebrow tint whilst browsing so though, why not? And purchased one of those too.

I was so excited to try out the lip colours when they arrived, as I love bright lip colours but most of the time I can't be bothered with the hassle of wearing lip products because I forget I'm wearing them and end up smudging them halfway across my face. Not the best look.

The first colour that caught my eye was the Watermelon one. I decided in order to best give the product a real chance, I should use my Mint Julips lip exfoliator and make sure my lips were soft and free of any chapped skin as I wanted to make sure I had even application. 

I started off applying the product to my lips using the slanted applicator at the end of the tube. This was alright at first but because of the bulky shape of it, after doing the most parts of my lips, getting near the edges to achieve full coverage was difficult. The applicator was clumsy and I shortly found that each time the edge of it caught any product that had already been applied whilst trying to reach a bare part of my lip, the tint that had already been laid and had begun to dry would peel up and it would be very difficult to get it to stay on the lip.

After a LONG struggle (much longer than I'd bother with any other lip product usually!), most of my lips were covered and I decided enough was enough and I'd just wait and see how it came out. 

I then made the mistake of closing my mouth slightly. 

The tint on the top lip stuck to the tint on the bottom lip and as I tried to ease my mouth open the product began to peel away from both the top and bottom lip. So I shut my mouth because I didn't want to have to go through the whole drama of reapplying it, and then proceeded to breathe through my nose for the following 20 minutes whilst the product dried. 

By this point I was pretty fed up and couldn't wait to peel it off just so I could open my mouth again. The whole fiasco had completely taken away any satisfaction I was expecting to feel at the peeling off part of the process. 

After removing the product in one quick rip, I found that my lips weren't wildly different to the colour they had been before I started.

So, overall I was very unimpressed with this product. Having said that, as I picked a neutral tone I feel like I may have robbed myself of some satisfaction with the product so I will be trying a darker colour such as purple or orange in the near future so I can give the product another chance. (Also because I now have 15 other colours sat in a box in my wardrobe that will otherwise be wasted).

I am just hoping to find an easier way for application. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

-Holly xx 

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