Thursday, 3 March 2016

Home Decor - Industrial Modern Minimalist

I have absolutely been loving some of the home decor items in stores recently. I've always been somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to decorating spaces, and so I have been especially loving the sort of industrial, minimalist trends that seem to be ruling stores at the moment.

There's lots of marble, copper (or as some are advertising it - 'rose gold'!), and glass. I have already invested in a few items myself, such as concrete, copper dipped candle holders and a glass trinket box, and I am more than likely to make a few more purchases in the near future.

I have compiled a few of my favourites from high street stores, so I hope they give you some inspiration on how you can join in this striking home trend, for affordable prices!

Bronze Metallic Honeycomb Lantern - £7.99

This item is meant to be used for holding candles, but I think it would also be a beautiful addition to any desk or dressing table as a make up brush holder or pen pot. You could also even use it as a small vase!

Urban Grow Star Lace Diamond Terrarium -


This item is simply stunning. I love the intricate lace design on the metal plates. It would be beautiful full of miniature succulents or even just on its own on shelf or table. This item is currently on sale at Urban Outfitters, for £5 less than its original price, so you may want to head over before the last few sell out!


Glass Triangle Trinket Tray - £12

I have a similar glass box to this and I keep it beside my bed to hold my jewellery when I take it off at night. It's a beautiful piece in itself, but what's also lovely about this item is that it shows off any pretty  items you store in it!


Small Low Marble Box -£35 

There's something about marble that is just so chic, sleek and classic. This box from Urban Outfitters may cost a little more than you may want to spend on something for storage, but it is just such a lovely looking piece and it is such a durable material, so it will last a lifetime with the correct treatment.


Copper Dome Candle Holder- £15

Lots of stores are starting to feature copper and copper coloured pieces in their home sections. This candle holder is such a simple piece that would fit in with most rooms, no matter what the decor. I recently invested in some similar ones of these from New Look, and they look lovely with bright white or sea blue candles in, on the window ledge by my desk.




This item is absolutely brilliant! It's so practical, available in a few colours and only £2.50 for one! These are such a minimalist piece, would fit in with any decor style you may already have and are perfect for an edgy, modern take on storage. If you're feeling particularly crafty or brave, you could buy one and spray them whatever colour you like if you want them to stand out or fit in with a colour scheme you already have.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and found some inspiration from these pieces. I'd love to hear what you think, about this post or any others, so feel free to comment below or contact me with any of my details found at the top of the page.

-Holly xx

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