Sunday, 22 October 2017

Rita Ora's Shades of Black Collection for Rimmel London

I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary Voxbox from Influenster UK this month!

The box held 7 Rimmel London UK products from Rita Ora's new Shades of Black collection for me to try.

The box contained:

3 X Oh My Gloss! lipglosses in shades; 810 Desire, 820 Moonlight, 830 Rita's Black

3 X 60 seconds nail polishes in shades; 901 Darkest Desires, 902 Moonlight Magic, 906 Matte Black

1 X Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara

These were the ideal shades for creating Halloween looks.

Below is my Wednesday Addams inspired look created using some of these products.

 For more Halloween inspirations head over to my Instagram where I will be uploading more looks in the run up to Halloween.

-Holly xx 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Younique 3D Fibre Lashes Review

Recently I decided I wanted to try something new with my mascara choices. I'd been using false lashes more and more but find them a huge pain to apply, so was looking for a mascara that would give me the same look as falsies but without the fuss. 

A friend of mine is a Younique presenter, so I decided to have a look through her store and see if there was anything a bit different that took my fancy, when I discovered 3D Fibre Lash and decided to give it a try. I put my order through and two days later it came!

The product itself comes with instructions on how to apply, and there are videos on YouTube if you're still struggling to get the most from your product. 

However I found the application to be quite simple and straightforward. 

In the box came a bag with two black tubes. One tube is step 1, and the other tube is step 2. The first tube is transplanting gel which is a black glue type substance which is applied with a normal mascara spoolie wand. The idea is to apply this in a generous layer onto clean lashes first. The second tube is full of tiny black fibres, which when applied onto the glue layer, create a lot of volume and length. 

When I used the product I decided to layer step 1 and 2 a few times to build a bolder look. 

The overall result was definitely pleasing, however I did get some of the tiny fibres into my eye which was painful and irritating so you need to be very careful. 

Step 1 only (left)

Step 1 & 2 together (left)
3D Fibre Lash (left) VS L'Oreal Voluminous Extra Black (right)

I'm lucky enough to have lashes that look quite long no matter what mascara I use so for me this product isn't life changing. I did however get a friend with sparse lashes to give it a go and the difference on her was amazing, so it really differs depending on the lashes of the individual using it. 

If you have sparse lashes then this product is definitely one for you to try. It's available to buy here:

However if you find you have naturally long lashes or sensitive eyes, this may not be one worth investing in for yourself. 

-Holly xx 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Festival Make Up Ideas

With Reading Festival just around the corner I decided I should probably get my act together and start thinking about some of the ways I wanted to wear my make up whilst I was there. I am very much a planner when it comes to the way I look so I wanted to get a few ideas under my belt and practice a few potential looks with super affordable products (as the last thing I wanted to do was take my most expensive make up with me camping for four days in case they got lost, stolen or damaged and then I would have had £400 of make up to replace when I came home!) 

For me a big part of any festival look is lots of glitter, sequins and sparkles. I have a massive box full of them that I've somehow gained over the years from various places so I definitely didn't need to purchase any more. I use eyelash glue to stick sequins to my face because I find it amazing at keeping the sequins in place but more importantly because it doesn't cause my skin to react badly after wearing them!

So far I've practised four or five looks, three of which I have included in this post. I will also be including the very affordable products I have used to create these looks below and I will also include the links so you can purchase them too. 

My absolute number one cosmetic item for festivals is the Mermaids Forever palette by Make Up Revolution. It has 32 super pigmented eyeshadows all in one pallet with a massive mirror, and I've used it to create all of the looks I have tried so far. It is definitely coming with me to Reading and as you can see from the photos below it's been used a lot already. There is such a variety of colours in one place I know it will easily see me through the four days I'm away and help me come up with a completely different look each day that I'm there. Another highlight about it is that it has quite a few dark brown shades which I will use to do my eyebrows whilst I am away so I don't have to take a separate eyebrow pallette. It also has some amazing shimmery whites and silvers which will be perfect to use as highlighter as I really don't think I'll be risking taking my Mac or Urban Decay ones! 

As you can probably tell already I am intending to pack very light on the make up but that doesn't mean I'm willing to compromise on my make up looks. Luckily for me my favourite liquid eyeliner pen is only £1.50 from Primark anyway so if that was to get lost or damaged it wouldn't break the bank to replace. With regards to foundation I'm not sure what I'm going be taking yet or if I'm actually even going to bother because I'm not going to want to spend two hours in a tent applying make up with a trowel like I tend to do when I'm at home getting ready for a night out. 

Each of the looks documented below took 30 minutes or less, for me this was vital that I knew I could manage it because as I say I didn't wanna waste half of my festival experience focusing on my face when there's going to be loads of amazing fun to be had whilst I'm there. 

The blue green look is giving me serious mermaid vibes, and I think the space buns are super cute so I think I will definitely be recreating this look whilst I'm there. I am seriously concerned about the shower situation so I will definitely be taking a lot of dry shampoo so space buns are ideal for second or third day of not being able to wash your hair. 

The pink peach look is probably my favourite but as you can see on the outer corners of the eyes I used quite a dark shadow for a smokey look which was an absolute nightmare to blend in a hurry, so I might just keep it a little bit lighter to avoid having to spend ages blending dark colours out again! Once again the hairstyle of the half up half down bun is very good the second or third day of not being able to wash your hair as the messy style would work well with dry shampoo and prevent your hair from looking unwashed. 

The red orange look is super fierce but I'm not sure if I shall be repeating it as the bold rep lip really ties it together but I'm really not willing to risk taking any of my red lipsticks which are all designer brands. I do however absolutely love the amber sequins from this look so I'll definitely be incorporating them into another look. 

In the blue and peach looks I used Make Up Academy highlighters from Superdrug which are just £3 each. I'll definitely take the blue one with me but the pink one was a complete let down to be honest. It completely lacked pigment and was quite chalky in texture. The blue one was far more pigmented which I was happy about so I'll definitely take that one with me and use it again. 

I used a glitter palette on my cheeks in the blue look and on my lips in the peach look. This only cost me £3.99 so I'll definitely take it because I know I will use it a lot. It is pre-mixed with glitter glue so is perfect to apply quickly and easily to body parts like shoulders and collarbones for that extra sparkly glow. 

I really can't stress enough how pleased I am with the Make Up Revolution Mermaids Forever palette. I've always been a huge fan of Make Up Revolution as the products are high quality with a lot of pigment but at very affordable prices. 

With just over three weeks to go until my first festival of the season, I will no doubt be showcasing more make up looks and outfits on my Instagram page so keep your eyes peeled. 

Make Up Revolution Palettes: Faver and Superdrug 

Make Up Academy Highlighters: Superdrug

NYX Glitter: Boots and NYX 

-Holly xx 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

My Festival Wishlist

With festival season fully upon us I decided it was definitely time to start getting myself organised. I have a few booked this year, but my main one is Reading which I am super excited for!

My first port of call was of course my favourite social shopping site Faver. It literally took me 10 seconds to sign in using my Facebook account and then I made a new list ready to fill with all of my festival must haves.

Now personally I am not a huge fan of camping, this is definitely due to there usually being a lack of shower facilities and phone charging ports, but I was determined to cover all bases so I could ensure I enjoy my time at Reading.

Below are a few of my favourite picks from my festival wishlist on Faver which I thought you guys may be interested in.

1: Gelert Quickpitch Compact 2 Tent 

The last thing you want to be doing when you get to a festival is spend hours trying to get your tent put up, so this quick pitch tent is ideal for when you'd rather be enjoying the sun and music with your friends instead of faffing around with ground sheets and tent pegs.

2: Silver Sequin Bum Bag

I've always had a love hate relationship with bum bags. I love them because you can put all of your valuables on your waist, so you know they're safe but you don't have to worry about having a  bag being thrown about whilst you dance. I hate them because they're not particularly attractive. However this cute silver sequin number is in keeping with my festival season love of all things shiny so it had made it to the list.

3: Innoo Solar Power Rechargeable Portable Phone Charger

A portable charger is a must have for any festival goer. If you want to take pictures and videos of your trip, you're going to need a lot of battery life so a solar charger is perfect. You can recharge your phone and then leave the battery in the sun to recharge, and the you can recharge your phone again.

4: Glitter Pigment Make Up

....Because you can never have too much glitter! These are super affordable so if they got lost or broken or spilt, it won't be the end of the world, and there are so many colours!

5: Hunter Wellies

I'm not much of a welly wearer but if the heavens open I'd rather be wearing these than sinking knee deep in mud and ruining my trainers!

The beauty of Faver is that you can create and share lists with your friends so if you're planning a trip, event or party and you need to all chip in for supplies, you can make a list together and then each divide up who s buying what!

Once you login on the Faver website you can find your friends and link accounts so you can view the items they've favourited and the lists they have made so it's ideal if you want to be sneaky near Christmas or their birthdays, as you can have a peek at whats on their list and then you know you're getting them something they want and it will still be a surprise! You'll be able to view this list and any others i decide to make public on my account once you've signed up.

If you're interested in signing up here's a quick link to the Faver website using my personal ambassador code:

Once you follow this link you'll be on my account page, and you can create your own account using the sign up button in the top right hand corner of the page.

Happy Shopping!

-Holly xx

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

22 Things I Have Learned In My 22 Years

1. You can't please everyone. - Nor do you need to. It's your life, live it as you want to. As long as your actions aren't hurting anyone else, then do what makes you happy.